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The Union American Methodist Episcopal Church was founded by Reverend Peter Spencer, who was born in Kent City, Maryland, about 1779. He came to Wilmington, Delaware when quite young and their joined a Methodist Church.


In the year of 1805, forty-two members of the church he joined were black, then called "colored folk".  About the middle of the same year, Reverend Peter Spencer and forty-two members withdrew after repeated denials of the church rites and legal redress, also for peace, harmony, Christian liberty and freedom.  They worshipped in houses and groves until 1812.


In the year 1891, in Palmyra, New Jersey, the main building, which is now St. Paul U.A.M.E. Church, is thought to have housed any early mission established in West Palmyra by the original Palmyra Methodist Episcopal Church Congregation.


In 1903, a Union American Methodist Episcopal Church had not been established in Palmyra, New Jersey although there was a sufficient number of people desiring such a church to be established. It has been and is the custom among men and women desirious of having a place to worship in their own way.  They offered to one another the hospitality of their homes for worship, fellowship, study, and prayer.


In 1926, after the building was moved to the present site, an addition was built on to the building and the cornerstone was laid.  St. Paul U.A.M.E. church members had accomplished a milestone through perseverance.

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